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All answers are anonymous and used to improve this site. Create your own user feedback survey

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We All Get Stressed Out

I wanted this site to be a nice place for you to come and relax and learn about this wonderful tool that I’ve been learning about called a “komboloi”. I had a goal in mind of doing at least a post a week and I was doing pretty good with it. Then everything stopped. I just couldn’t write and I couldn’t even come up with a topic to write on. This post was inspired by my Mom who said I should write about not being able to write. So here it is. Thanks Mom. I hope you find some value in what I’m going to share.


According to stress can be defined as: “….a specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism” or “physical, mental, or emotional strain or tension”. In other words, a strong stimulus causes malfunctions in your body or mind.

Stress can cause all sorts of not-so-fun things to happen. According to the Mayo Clinic stress can cause a wide variety of symptoms including headache, muscle tension or pain, fatigue, anxiety, lack of motivation or focus, feeling overwhelmed and social withdrawal.

Life Can Be Challenging

Right now I just can’t seem to come up with anything on the komboloi to write about. Like many families before us and many more to come, my family is going through a very difficult time. My mother-in-law is in palliative care with terminal cancer and my husband just this week got back to work after being off for 8 months due to his workplace having to be rebuilt after a fire (thankfully no one was hurt). Between supporting my husband and kids through all they’re going through, a life-long friend moved across country and I’m preparing my kids for the new school year (which includes helping my son choose courses for his Senior High School program). Life is a bit challenging and my mind isn’t exactly fully functional and focused.

I’m not sharing with the intent of getting sympathy, but to let whoever reads this know that there are others going through stresses and challenging times too. You’re not alone. Sometimes life throws so much at us we get stressed to the point of distraction.

Taking Care

Sunset After The Storm public domain image by Andrew SchmidtDuring difficult times it’s so important to take extra care of yourself and have healthy options to help you deal.

For me, sleeping and meditating have helped me from getting too overloaded and spending time with my pets and garden have been a great comfort. I try to do a bit of studying and research to keep myself grounded and somewhat in touch with this site but sometimes even just playing a round of Solitaire or Simon’s Cat (my go-tos for goof-off time) is an effort for my brain.

…. Apparently, so is cooking… I just checked my daughter’s noodle soup because I haven’t heard any boiling for a good 10 minutes. Despite checking the knobs several times before sitting down, I still had the wrong burner on.

I’m trying to look at all of this from the good side. It’s making me stop and appreciate the good things I have going on and my bit of writer’s block is giving me some time to think about what exactly I want to to do with this site. This is where you come in if you are so inclined…would you like to see a site with just the facts (straight info on different komboloi), or would you like to see some uplifting stories…maybe where we look at the good side of situations? Or a mix of both??


How to do you deal with the stresses and challenges in your life? Do you have any special words or suggestions you would like to share with anyone reading who’s going through a difficult time? Please comment below and maybe we can make someone’s day a bit better.

Be carefree,

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