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Posts on everything to do with the komboloi.

  • Attributed to user: Miansari66 [Public domain]

    Nutmeg Seed Makes A Spicy Komboloi

    With the scent and feel of natural beads, the colours and the history of nutmeg, nutmeg seed beads are very special indeed.


    The Beads Komboloi Are Made Of – Part 2

    Komboloi can be made of any bead that can withstand a few bumps when played with. In the last post, The Beads Komboloi Are Made Of, I talked about some […]

  • komboloi beads

    The Beads Komboloi Are Made Of

    The sky’s the limit when it comes the beads komboloi are made of and this post is by no means an exhaustive list of beads used to create komboloi. They […]

  • how to use komboloi worry beads

    How To Use Komboloi

    How do you use a Komboloi or, as many non-Greeks call them, Greek worry beads? With all the beaded things out there, what exactly are they, anyway? Basically, a Komboloi […]

  • Thumbnail for the post titled: What Is A Komboloi

    What Is A Komboloi

    What is a Komboloi? Using a short description it’s a colourful string of beads that are also sometimes known as Greek worry beads. In reality, it is so much more. […]